Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Top 8 Best Free WordPress Plugins For your Website.

Top 8 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website.  

Top 8 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website.

  1. Ajax Autosearch 

The first one that caught my attention is Ajax Autosearch. Well, this is a free WordPress Search Plugin that enhances the Search feature of your site. It allows you to display up to 20 search results on a single page, which is a quick solution for a better user experience. Moreover, you get full control over the search results. Ajax AutoSearch includes features like Different Search Filters, Display Featured Image, Post Limit, and so on. To make things easier for your visitors, you can display the search filter options like post, page, categories as well as tags. Your visitors can choose the search content type they are looking for and get some hints to choose the proper results in seconds.

  1. Fancy Products for Elementor

This tool could be useful if you are already using WooCommerce as well as Elementor. To get access to the features of this plugin, you just need to install and activate it. It's relatively new and comes with these beautiful hover effects over products displayed using Elementor.

  1. Quick Preview Post

 If you go to all posts on your dashboard, you can see four links below the title of each post. Once the Admin Quick Preview Post plugin is activated, there is another link you can click on to preview that post in a modal window. So, this plugin allows you to view a post without opening a new tab or window, which can be useful sometimes. I don't know. What do you think? Let me know if it's helpful for you in the comments section below. 

  1. SliceWP Affiliate Program Manager

 Interesting tool if you want to grow your business when using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugins. With SliceWP, you will be able to share slices of your profit with affiliate partners. It gives you a new and easy to use section, below Settings on your dashboard, where you can manage affiliates, track commissions as well as payouts, and all other settings. You can pay your affiliates in an easy and user-friendly way. 

  1. Block Manager

This plugin is an intuitive tool for WordPress site admins that may want to manage the enabled or disabled state of each block globally. It is for those site admins that are using the block editor of WordPress instead of the old classic editor. As you can see on the screen, you can disable all unused blocks and keep active only the blocks that are important for you. If you would like to use enhanced blocks powered by additional plugins like Otter or Orbit Fox which are plugins created by our team of developers, you can turn off all other blocks and use only these. Even if the block editor always shows you the latest and most used blocks when you click Add Block, this could be helpful if you want a clear block selector window. 

  1. Image Compositions

Image Compositions is a new WordPress plugin for photographs as well as bloggers that wants to combine multiple images in the media library, like so. So cool, right? Once activated, you can access its interface under the media tab on your dashboard, select the image layout and format then add images in each row. You can zoom in and out using these buttons, and then drag the image to the desired position. 

  1. WP Presenter

 WP Presenter Pro is actually a free plugin for creating slides with the block editor of WordPress. I think this is an awesome tool because you will never ever need to take care of PowerPoint files again. Just navigate to the presentation link in any browser, and you can start your talk. This is so cool and packed with lots of features. If you click S on your keyboard, a new window will pop up, and you can see the upcoming slide, a timer near the actual time, and your notes below. 

  1. Category Tag Tidy

#CATEGORY TAG TIDY Category Tag Tidy allows quick and simple deletion of all unused categories and tags. Unused parent categories will not be deleted if they have a child category still in use. This plugin could be helpful when you want to clean up your WordPress blog. Once you select taxonomies to tidy and click run below, the process will clear all unused tags and categories. In the end, you'll see the number of terms deleted.

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