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Easy Way Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress


Easy Way  Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress

Easy Way  Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress
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I will show you how one can set up and arrange Google tag manager in WordPress. Google has these in-built tag templates that you need to use for issues like your Google Analytics or your AdWords account, and so forth and these are to see how nicely a marketing campaign or a specific advert is doing. The Google advert manager enables you to handle all these tags and scripts in a single location. As we get started, know that that is for self-hosted WordPress websites and you will have a Google Analytics account to get going. Now we'll go to the Google tag manager and enroll with the identical e-mail that you've got Google Analytics with. We wish to arrange an internet container for our website and we'll choose the internet. Now we'll see a dashboard for our container and we will create our first tag. You've got a number of products to select from and for this video, we'll choose Google Analytics. Select the common analytics and it'll need you so as to add your web site's monitoring id. You will discover that within the Analytics below monitoring code. It is the UA monitoring quantity on your web site. Now we wish to monitor the web page view kind for our web site. We'll choose all pages as when to fireplace the tag. Now we will get this little bit of code and we have to copy and paste it to our web site so I will copy it right here. The simplest method so as to add code is to first set up and activate the insert headers and footers plugin. Then you may add the code to the header part and save your settings. Now that we have added it we've to return to the tag manager and publish the container. As soon as we have achieved that, we have arranged a tag from the google tag manager.

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Easy Way to Add a Glossary or Dictionary Section in Your WordPress website

  Easy Way to Add a Glossary or Dictionary Section in Your WordPress website

Easy Way to Add a Glossary or Dictionary Section in Your WordPress website

 Having a glossary section on your site is a great way to explain industry topics to your customers or your website visitors. So to get started let's head over to our WordPress dashboard. We'll be installing a plugin for this to work so we'll go to Plugins, Add New. In the search area, we're looking for 'CM Tooltip Glossary'. This is the one we want to use so let's go ahead and click Install Now. Once it's installed make sure you also activate the plugin. From the settings area you want to go to general settings, from here you want to select the page that you want to display all of the glossary terms on. If you don't already have a page then you can click generate page for glossary index and it'll create one for you. You can also set the permalink here, whether or not to show terms on a single page or posts, whether or not you want to highlight terms on pages or posts, or make the term case sensitive. These defaults are good so let's scroll down and we'll click Save Changes. Now that we have all that set up we need to go ahead and start adding the glossary terms. You can do that under the tooltip glossary area, click add new. To start adding the glossary terms. Once you're done adding one you can also keep adding glossary items up here. I'll add a few so that we'll see what it looks like on our site. Now that we've added a few, if you want to add a link in your menu for your glossary page and let's go to our appearance area, go to menus. From this area just click on the glossary area and click Add to menu. Make sure you save your changes and now we can see what it will look like in action. You see from the home page I can click on the glossary item and here are the glossary items for our WordPress site. 

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All About Mongolia- Best Place to travel.

 All About Mongolia- Greatest Place to travel.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

With visions of Chinggis Khan and his mounted warriors galloping across the Steppe, we were headed to Mongolia. It would be a month-long journey of epic proportions with enough memories to last a lifetime. Welcome to Mongolia! The country of endless blue skies. I just arrived in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, and I am getting ready for a month of adventures here in Mongolia. We were mesmerized by the spectacular chaos of the capital. The architecture is impressive in its diversity, with temples scattered between old communist-era buildings, ultra-modern skyscrapers, and a seemingly endless amount of karaoke hang-outs and dive bars. As winter approaches the cityscape sadly changes for the worse. Ulaanbaatar has now become the third most polluted city in the world, mainly caused by coal pollution from the many Ger districts. The locals burn coal to heat their homes as temperatures plummet and the fumes settle in the valley with nowhere to escape. The government is battling this grave issue but at this point to no avail.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

Ulaanbaatar has one of the largest outdoor markets in all of Asia. It's called "The Black Market" but it sells all sorts of things, not necessarily illegal things. Hopefully, we can find some cool souvenirs and it should be pretty exciting. Let's go check it out. The history of UB is quite remarkable and certainly unique. In true nomadic fashion, the capital of Mongolia originated as a large Ger camp and changed its location at least 25 times before settling at its current location in 1778. Today UB is a sprawling metropolis, home to around 1.4 million people. A staggering number representing roughly half of the country’s entire population. This really puts the vastness and the remoteness of Mongolia into perspective, being one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Although we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in UB, it was now time to leave the modern comforts behind and head to the wilderness. It only took us a couple of hours to get to Hustai national park from UB, not long at all by Mongolian standards. Our base for this first adventure would be a Ger camp not far from the park entrance. In 1993 the only remaining true wild horse, The Takhi, was reintroduced to the area and has been protected since. Legend has it that the sand of Moltsog Els has healing powers, great for aches and pains in your back and your kindness and general body and healing awareness. So let's see if this sand can heal my aches and pains for the adventures to come. After relaxing for a bit we would venture deeper into the heart of the park in hopes of spotting the highly endangered Takhi horse. The park covers an impressive 500 square kilometers of stunning wild nature and in 2002 UNESCO certified the park as a member of the world biosphere network of natural reserves. Scattered around the park are ancient burial grounds with deer stones dating back thousands of years, a humbling reminder of a very different time. We were warmly welcomed by a local family of herders and invited into their warm and comfortable Ger, a welcome break from the bumpy and dusty roads. Along with a few different dairy snacks, we were generously offered a large glass of fermented mare's milk, a popular beverage about the same alcohol content as a light beer. It is certainly an acquired taste, which was quickly washed down with a shot of local vodka. It's not so strong. Nomads often stick somewhat close to each other while always leaving enough room for their herds to graze effectively. Even in the remoteness of the steppe, it is still nice and safe having neighbors and family close by. We had arrived at the busiest of times. All members of the family were hard at work as one of their daughters was about to get married. This meant having to milk their horses every 2 hours from sunrise to sunset, ensuring that the local delicacies made from the horse milk would be plentiful. Even with more than 200 guests arriving the upcoming weekend, they somehow still found time to show us their way of life. Our horses at home, if we whistle, they all come running. It's a little different. I just hiked the top of a ledge here in Hustai National Park, and I finally got my first glimpse of the Takhi wild horses. This park is really famous for the wild horses, and it is one of only 3 places in the world where you can see these wild Takhi horses, so it's pretty special.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

I wanted to photograph them for so long so I feel very lucky to be here today. The next part of our adventure would take us into the northernmost part of the country, right on the border of Russia and the great Siberian forest. The Tsaatan tribe has been living in this remote area for thousands of years, and still to this day have managed to keep their traditions alive. We were looking forward to the long drive across the steppe, followed by several days on horseback. We just landed in Murun which is a little bit north of Ulaanbaatar, about an hour flight. And I am getting ready to go on my Tsaatan adventure, which is about a ten days round trip to see the reindeer herders which are some of the last reindeer herders in the world. So I am pretty excited to get started. It would be a strenuous haul through some of the most rugged terrains in Mongolia. We would spend a few days living alongside the Tsaatan and get a better understanding of their life and daily activities. I just woke up from my day two to see the reindeer herders and we drove about 4 hours in the middle of nowhere towards the reindeer herders, and then found a local family. And our guide just knocked on the Ger's door and we slept in the Ger with the family last night. So it was really special. They offered us tea and biscuits and we slept on the floor. pretty incredible. The hospitality in this country is just unreal. And it is said that the nomads can travel for days and if they see a Ger they can stop and stay because the people that are inviting them into their home might be in the same situation with no place to stay. So the hospitality is out of this world over here, it's pretty incredible. After ten excruciating hours, we finally reached the town of Rinchinlumbe, which is on the border of Siberia. It is the last outpost before you reach Russia. The road was excruciatingly painful, really bumpy, up and down mountains, over valleys, through rivers, but it was absolutely stunning and beautiful. I don't want to talk too much about the weather, because I hear the weather is particularly rainy and nasty around here, but the weather today was absolutely stunning and it was a beautiful drive. It's September here in Mongolia so a lot of the trees are turning yellow, which is absolutely a surprise and we are lucky to be here at this time. I am really excited to get into my Ger camp and relax the rest of the night because tomorrow we have a long day as well riding horses for about 5-6 maybe more hours to get to the Tsaatan. But this is my Ger camp for the night so come check it out. Pretty nice, we got a fire for when it gets really cold. And beds are all laid out. This is your traditional Ger camp that is made for tourists. But it is the same sort of idea just without all the personal stuff from a nomadic family. Well, today was another really really long exhausting day. But we finally made it to our camp, we are camping tonight. In this beautiful valley, rivers around us, a few little houses and Yurts but not much around. We rode for about 6 hours today, I'm pretty sure I will get a divorce after this horse trip but we survived the first day. And tomorrow we ride another full day and then we arrive at the Tsaatan the day after. It's really beautiful, we crossed some rivers, just open plains, clouds in the sky, the mountains in the distance. And again we had spectacular weather. So I am feeling pretty fortunate ...and pretty stinking sore. So tomorrow should be interesting. But survived the first day and really happy to be at camp at the moment. So this is day 5 of our Tsaatan adventure. And this is the day we have been waiting for because today we get to meet the Tsaatan tribe. They are on a border with Russia and Mongolia in a no-go zone. So we need special permits to get into this area, and notify the border police and go through a lot of paperwork. All our paperwork is in order.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

We stayed in this beautiful valley behind me last night and today is finally the day we get to meet the Tsaatan, so it's pretty exciting. We are going to be staying there for two nights in hopefully Teepees. I have never stayed in a Teepee before so it should be interesting, hopefully not too cold. The Tsaatan is one of the few tribes in the world, who rely completely on their Reindeer for their daily survival. The reindeer are used as pack animals and for transport. Their milk to create butter, curd, and other dairy products, their antlers for tools, such as knives, and their pelts for clothing. We finally arrived at the Tsaatan camp and we were invited to the chief's and his wife's house. She made us some doughy things that are quite delicious. And of course, reindeer milk tea which is always my favorite but it's ok. So they keep the babies around and this is probably a yearling or something along those lines so that the females come back at night and therefore the males follow the females and they all stick around. So if they tie up the babies everyone else will come. Very nice, very nice face. I am here sitting with the chief of all of the Tsaatan in Northern Mongolia. And I have been warmly welcomed into their house, his and his wife's house. And I am sitting down for a little interview to ask some questions to get a little more educated on the way they live and their lifestyle. So my first question would be "how long have you been chief"? And how many Tsaatan are there in this area? So you are a very busy man. What does your job as chief entail? And do you feel like the traditions are thriving? or is he concerned about some of the cultures dying out and changing as the years go on. One of my questions is how tourism has affected the Tsaatan, both negative and positive. How has the community changed in the last ten years since tourism has come about? Well, I just want to thank you so much for having us here and inviting us into your home. We feel so honored to be here and see the way you live and it's such a beautiful culture and I really feel touched to be here, so thank you very much. After meeting with the chief and having productive talks with one of the original founders of the Tsaatan Community and Visitors Center, it was decided to implement a visitors conservation fee which in time hopefully will help preserve their amazing culture. As tourists, we have a huge responsibility.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

And must be extremely careful not to exploit tribal communities like the Tsaatan. We must always show our utmost respect for their ways. Within just a few hours after leaving Ulaanbaatar, we had arrived in the heart of the Bayan Olgii province. The capital of Olgii is the gateway to the majestic Altai mountain range and the nearest access point to experience the legendary golden eagle festival. We are heading to the Eagle Hunter Festival, we are on our way this morning and I have been waiting for this for years and years so I am thrilled to be going there. I am not really sure what to expect, I know there are definitely a bunch of tourists in town. But it should be really cool. There are probably around 60 eagle hunters said to be in this festival over a 2 day period this weekend. So it should be really fun. We are here a little bit early to kind of catch some of the eagle hunters as they come to the festival. There are about six riding our way and the landscape is absolutely fantastic. The lighting is great so hopefully, we get a chance to get some shots before too much of the crowds come in. The annual Eagle Festival is held during the first weekend of October, just prior to the main hunting season. More and more competitors join in the festivities each year and during our visit in 2016 almost 100 eagle hunters attended. Many of the hunters will travel far distances and even across borders to take part. The Kazakh eagle hunters compete in various events, to show off their training and hunting skills with their magnificent birds of prey. I just got to the Eagle Festival and it's totally insane and perfect. There are vendors everywhere selling all sorts of Kazakh arts and crafts. We have got a fence in an area over here where you can see the eagles in competition. And there is going to be horse racing, camel racing, all sorts of fun stuff over a 2 day weekend. So it should be a ton of fun and lots of photo ops. As visitors, we were spoiled by the variety of skill-based events.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

Such as the best eagle at hunting prey and the best eagle at locating its owner. Along with spectator popular events like the best traditional dress, camel racing, and of course the infamous goatskin tug-o-war. A grueling tough sport which occasionally will end with a kiss to the ground to the great joy of the audience, immediately followed by loud cheers. The Eagle Festival has certainly not gone unnoticed and has quickly become one of the major tourist attractions for travelers wanting to experience the wonders of Mongolia. The week around the festival is bustling with activity and we were getting ready to leave the crowds behind and explore the everyday life of the locals. We had arranged to go live with an eagle hunter and his family for a few days before heading back to UB. Our host for the next few days would be Bashankan, a highly revered eagle hunter who lives with his family on a farm deep in the Altai mountain range. It would turn out to be a stunning drive through beautiful rough landscapes in the glistening mountain sun. Bashankan's oldest son had just returned from a successful hunting trip in the area as we arrived at the compound.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

The young eagle he brought with him had just finished training and this was its first actual kill, a tasty rabbit. Clearly a very proud moment for a father passing on his skills to the next generation. A practice which has taken place for thousands of years will continue to live on. The eagle was rewarded with the juicy rabbit meat as part of its training, teaching it the benefits of man and beast working closely together. I am about to run with a fake sheepskin and the eagle is gonna catch it while I run. Hopefully not to fall on my butt. The relationship between hunters and eagles is truly remarkable. The hunter will steal the eagle from the nest at a very young age and train it until it's ready to join the hunt. Then once the eagle reaches breeding age it will be released back into the wild, so it can reproduce and maintain the eagle population.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

This great respect for their animal companions is astounding and something which should serve as an inspiration across the world. During our stay, we joined Bashankan in the mountains scouting for prey. And although we did not have much luck bringing home the prize, the experience will stay with us forever. A visit with the eagle hunters of Mongolia is a journey back in time. And we are elated seeing the traditions still thriving and feel confident that the culture will hold its ground against the attractions and the lure of the modern world. What an epic way to end our Mongolian adventures.

All About Mongolia- Greatest  Place to travel.

It's finally snowing, I'm so excited, I wanted snow this entire trip. We've got a sunset in the back which is absolutely breathtaking. The mountains have all the snow on them, the sun is coming out, the clouds are parting and it's really spectacular. This trip has been absolutely amazing, from visiting the Tsaatan in the north to urban UB, to finally up here with the eagle hunters and the eagle festival. Thanks so much for joining us in this episode, and hope to see you next time adventure calls! 

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16 Amazing info of Bhutan that why it is best to journey to Bhutan?

16 Amazing info of Bhutan. Why is it best to journey to Bhutan?

Think about a rustic tucked into the Himalayan Mountains between the enormous international locations of India and China and closed off from tourism till 1974. A country that is determined to measure nationwide happiness has utterly free healthcare, and no person living on the streets. Sounds unbelievable, however, that is all true about Bhutan, and that’s simply the tip of the iceberg… Counting down from--


1. Free healthcare Every Bhutanese resident has the best to free medical care. The nation’s Ministry of Wellbeing has made it their aim to turn into “A nation with the most effective well being.” And it seems to be like they’re reaching simply that. An individual can resolve whether or not to obtain conventionally or classical medication as a way of remedy that’s all utterly free!


2. Unplugged TV and web had been formally banned in Bhutan… till 1999, that's. The Bhutanese folks take their traditions and distinctive tradition very severely, and the king took nice measures to guard his folks from outdoor influences. However, it was not possible to isolate the entire nation from trendy applied sciences, so the king lastly determined to elevate the ban. In consequence, Bhutan was one of many final international locations within the world to start out utilizing tv. The web arrived shortly after.


3. Nationwide Costume Code Talking of traditions, Bhutanese persons are required to put on conventional garments in public. This nationwide gown code has existed for over 400 years. Males put on a heavy, knee-length gown referred to as a Gho, and ladies put on an extended gown often known as a Kira. You possibly can even establish an individual’s social standing by the color scarf they put on draped over their left shoulder. Bizarre of us put on white scarves and noble folks and monks put on yellow ones.


4. They prefer it sizzling! The preferred ingredient in nearly every Bhutanese dish is chilies. The Tourism Council even notes “Bhutanese folks wouldn't take pleasure in a meal that was not spicy.” The nation’s official Nationwide Dish was known as Ema Datshi. It’s a yummy mixture of spicy chilies and a native cheese referred to as Datshi. It’s a typical staple in most meals and will be modified up by including potatoes, inexperienced beans, mushrooms, or ferns. And when you actually wanna combine it up, you should utilize yak cheese! Yep, from a yak!


5. No Smoking! In 2010, the king enacted legislation prohibiting the cultivation, harvest, and sale of tobacco, making Bhutan the primary nation on the planet with a complete ban on tobacco. It’s not possible to purchase it there, and you may smoke in public areas. Vacationers fortunate sufficient to achieve entry into the nation need to pay an enormous charge for bringing their smokes with them. And in the event that they get caught making an attempt to smuggle in tobacco, they will anticipate an enormous high quality and even felony expenses!


6. Ecology is everything. Bhutan is absolutely involved in ecology and nature. In accordance with area legislation, not less than 60% of the nation’s complete space should be lined with woods. For the time being, that quantity is at about 71%, so that they’re doing simply high quality. It’s no shock actually since that is what locals need. In 2015, Bhutan even set a world file when its folks planted 50,000 bushes in only one hour! Due to that, it’s the only carbon-negative nation on the planet, which means it absorbs extra carbon dioxide than it produces. Method to go, Bhutan!


7. 100% Natural? Not fairly, however, they’re nicely on their method and will get there quickly. It’s already unlawful to import or use any chemical merchandise there in any respect. Everything they use is cultivated throughout the nation and is all-natural.


8. Touring obstacles Keep in mind, Bhutan takes preserving its traditions and distinctive traditions very severely. That’s why they make visiting their nation very tough and costly. You possibly can solely go to Bhutan in teams of three or extra. (Technically, you possibly can go as a pair or by yourself, however, you gotta pay additional when you do.) All paperwork and visas are issued by a state-appointed firm. And earlier than you will get the allow, it's a must to pay all the bills upfront, together with transportation, lodge, charges, tour operator and information companies, visa, and insurance coverage. A piece of tour information can be with you all the time, and so they’ll solely let you go to locations particularly designated for tourism. In case you’re already excited about reserving a visit, then ensure you save up $250 per individual for every evening you’d like to remain!


9. Women first Ladies are revered and honored in Bhutan. Their custom of inheritance proves that. All property and belongings like their properties, cattle, and land go to the eldest daughter, not the son. Males are anticipated to earn their very own fortunes.


10. They maintain meals on the roof. Winters are fairly harsh in Bhutan so that they need to make the most of the hotter seasons to verify they've sufficient meals to make it by means of the chilly months. Within the fall, it’s not unusual to see roofs lined with purple chilies drying for the winter. Piles of rice stalks in cone-like buildings within the fields are additionally in every single place. They don’t have sufficient time to thrash the rice right away, so they maintain it like that till they get to it. Chili and rice are one thing the Bhutanese can, fortunately, survive on all winter.


11. Solely the most effective pilots are allowed to fly to Bhutan. This time, it’s not a matter of privateness or an attempt to protect a historical tradition, however a matter of talent and security. Paro Airport, the one within the nation is in a fantastically lovely location with breathtaking views of the Himalayas. However, it’s additionally one of many most harmful airports on the planet. Not each pilot can maneuver between mountaintops and land on a 6,500-foot-long (1.980 m) freeway proper by folks’ homes. Add sturdy winds to the problem, and also you’ll perceive why take-offs and landings are solely allowed throughout daylight. And there are solely Eight pilots on the planet that may do that. Collectively, they transport around 30,000 folks 12 months.


12. The highway much less traveled All of the highway indicators in Bhutan are drawn by hand. Thimphu, the nation’s capital, is the one one on the planet that has no visitors lights in any respect. Actually, there aren't any visitor lights in all the nations! Site visitors police management automobile motion manually, and the officer in his sales space on the primary road is one of many metropolis sights no vacationer desires to miss!


13. Wedding ceremony guidelines In case you go to Bhutan, you might fall in love with the land, however, strive to not fall for an area or else you’ll get your coronary heart damaged. It’s prohibited to marry foreigners. When two completely satisfied Bhutanese folks fall in love and get married, monks learn mantras throughout the marriage ceremony. They consider this custom helps newlyweds construct a good psychological connection. There’s additionally a Changphoed ritual, which is the providing of a domestically grown brew to the deities. After providing, the remaining brew is served and shared by the bride and groom. As soon as the rituals are carried out, the couple turns into a household. Then, as a rule, the person strikes into the girl’s house, and solely when he earns sufficient cash can they transfer to a brand new home.


14. No homeless individuals in any respect In Bhutan, there’s nobody caught living out on the streets. If an individual loses their house, they only must go to the king and he’ll give them a plot of land the place they will construct a home to stay in and plant a backyard to eat from.


15. In 2008, the Gross National Happiness Committee was fashioned in Bhutan to deal with the folk's internal peace. Bhutan is the one nation in the world that has an official Ministry of Happiness. They consider GNH or Gross Nationwide Happiness is simply as essential to measure as GDP, aka Gross Home Product. In 2015, they organized an intensive survey interviewing folks about how completely satisfied they're. Even the census questionnaire has a column the place you can point out whether or not you’re glad about your life or not. The outcomes of 2015 the survey confirmed that 91% of the inhabitants think about themselves completely satisfied, and 43% are deeply or extensively completely satisfied. The standard of life within the nation is decided by the steadiness between their monetary and psychological values.


16. Gingerbread-like homes Bhutanese folks love to embellish their properties. They draw birds, animals, and totally different patterns on the partitions, making them appear to be real-life gingerbread homes. Their homes are small, 3-story buildings. The bottom ground is the place to maintain animals, the dwelling area is on the second ground, and the third ground is used to retailer hay. Most likely makes for nice insulation too! Regardless of all of the bans and strict guidelines, Bhutanese persons are very pleasant and completely satisfied, and the pure fantastic thing about this nation is breathtaking. So when you plan a go-to, I’m keen to guess it’ll be an unforgettable journey!

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How to Get the URL of Images You Upload in WordPress using free WordPress plugging.


How to Get the URL of Images You Upload in WordPress using free WordPress plugging.

How to Get the URL of Images You Upload in WordPress using free WordPress plugging.

 how to find the URL of an image in WordPress. this is perfect if you just need to know the image location. so you can share it somewhere on your website or if you need to share it on a social media platform. this will work for you there are two different methods that you can use. so you can pick the one that works best for you for instance.   Here's an image here that I want to take a look at. you can right-click and open the image in a new tab. once you do that you can find the image URL up here and you see it's. normally adding the date as well as the name of the image. so you can just copy that image URL and now you have it. so you can share anywhere. if you need to do it from the back end of your website. just take an idea of if you know what the name of the image is. Then we can go to our dashboard area. From here we want to go to the media library and for this one. I know it's called something about services. this is the one I want so when you click on it. it brings it up with all of the other information as well as when you scroll down here. this is the URL and you see it's. the same one where you can copy it and now you have it. This method also works well. if you have a gif or gif or if you have a pdf or a video uploaded to your media library. you simply want to click on the pdf or the gif and you can find the URL for that as well. so that works for multiple items as well as anything that is in your media library. you can easily find the URL by clicking on it. finding the attachment information and then copying. the URL right from the screen and then if your site is just getting started and you're making all these changes. because you're setting up your site and you're not quite ready for everyone to see it. then one of the best things to do is to install a plugin called seed prod seed. the product is easy to use. coming soon and maintenance mode page for your website and with seed prod. you can add something like this on the front of your page. where you can do a countdown timer to get people interested in your site. you can also allow people to sign up with their email. so that they get notified when your site goes live to get started with these products.

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Top 8 Best Free WordPress Plugins For your Website.

Top 8 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website.  

Top 8 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Your Website.

  1. Ajax Autosearch 

The first one that caught my attention is Ajax Autosearch. Well, this is a free WordPress Search Plugin that enhances the Search feature of your site. It allows you to display up to 20 search results on a single page, which is a quick solution for a better user experience. Moreover, you get full control over the search results. Ajax AutoSearch includes features like Different Search Filters, Display Featured Image, Post Limit, and so on. To make things easier for your visitors, you can display the search filter options like post, page, categories as well as tags. Your visitors can choose the search content type they are looking for and get some hints to choose the proper results in seconds.

  1. Fancy Products for Elementor

This tool could be useful if you are already using WooCommerce as well as Elementor. To get access to the features of this plugin, you just need to install and activate it. It's relatively new and comes with these beautiful hover effects over products displayed using Elementor.

  1. Quick Preview Post

 If you go to all posts on your dashboard, you can see four links below the title of each post. Once the Admin Quick Preview Post plugin is activated, there is another link you can click on to preview that post in a modal window. So, this plugin allows you to view a post without opening a new tab or window, which can be useful sometimes. I don't know. What do you think? Let me know if it's helpful for you in the comments section below. 

  1. SliceWP Affiliate Program Manager

 Interesting tool if you want to grow your business when using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugins. With SliceWP, you will be able to share slices of your profit with affiliate partners. It gives you a new and easy to use section, below Settings on your dashboard, where you can manage affiliates, track commissions as well as payouts, and all other settings. You can pay your affiliates in an easy and user-friendly way. 

  1. Block Manager

This plugin is an intuitive tool for WordPress site admins that may want to manage the enabled or disabled state of each block globally. It is for those site admins that are using the block editor of WordPress instead of the old classic editor. As you can see on the screen, you can disable all unused blocks and keep active only the blocks that are important for you. If you would like to use enhanced blocks powered by additional plugins like Otter or Orbit Fox which are plugins created by our team of developers, you can turn off all other blocks and use only these. Even if the block editor always shows you the latest and most used blocks when you click Add Block, this could be helpful if you want a clear block selector window. 

  1. Image Compositions

Image Compositions is a new WordPress plugin for photographs as well as bloggers that wants to combine multiple images in the media library, like so. So cool, right? Once activated, you can access its interface under the media tab on your dashboard, select the image layout and format then add images in each row. You can zoom in and out using these buttons, and then drag the image to the desired position. 

  1. WP Presenter

 WP Presenter Pro is actually a free plugin for creating slides with the block editor of WordPress. I think this is an awesome tool because you will never ever need to take care of PowerPoint files again. Just navigate to the presentation link in any browser, and you can start your talk. This is so cool and packed with lots of features. If you click S on your keyboard, a new window will pop up, and you can see the upcoming slide, a timer near the actual time, and your notes below. 

  1. Category Tag Tidy

#CATEGORY TAG TIDY Category Tag Tidy allows quick and simple deletion of all unused categories and tags. Unused parent categories will not be deleted if they have a child category still in use. This plugin could be helpful when you want to clean up your WordPress blog. Once you select taxonomies to tidy and click run below, the process will clear all unused tags and categories. In the end, you'll see the number of terms deleted.

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Top 15 Best Wordpress Themes, Free and Premium Themes.


Top 15 Best WordPress Themes, Free and Premium Themes.

Top 15 Best WordPress Themes, Free and Premium Themes.

Premium Themes

1.  Flatsome theme

 Flatsome theme, now the Flatsome theme is geared more specifically for e-commerce. now I have taught complete beginners who know nothing about making websites. how to use flat sum and people loved it now this comes with a drag-and-drop builder. it has tons of positive reviews and they have tons and tons of demos and templates. so here's an example of some of their shop demos right here. so you can see there are a lot of beautiful demos. now one thing I want to point out that makes this theme kind of stand out from other e-commerce themes.  the flat sound library designing a website from scratch can be very difficult but when you have sections that are pre-built that are made specifically for e-commerce. it is hard to beat that so for example. right here let's say you want to introduce or add a full-page website you like. I want a full-page website well just go ahead and import a template and you're all done. let's say for instance you want to go ahead and put in a count on. on your website they have every single thing possible that you need for your e-commerce website. so for a contact section, they have all of these beautiful sections already made. selling online and internationally by simply using the Flatsome theme and this person doesn't know anything about web design. so this is an example of someone the Flatsome theme it's a great theme and I find that people just love it. I mean it's simple it's easy to use it's clean. the page speed is amazing. it's really really fast. so if you're looking to build an e-commerce website or just some ordinary websites. this is the theme for you I highly recommend it so make sure to check out the Flatsome theme. 

2. Divi Theme

Davi is the number one most popular WordPress theme in the world. there is no other theme out there with more purchases and active installs than. this theme now let me explain why so this theme is a full drag-and-drop builder. this is the easiest page below to learn on this entire list. so let's the say for instance you want to add in some text you know is amazing or whatever. you know and then you're like alright cool I put that in but I want to go ahead add some space right here. so I'm gonna click here and go ahead and just add some space may be right here. I want to take this button and I want to move it right there etc and then we can go ahead and move the button around or even. I can go ahead and clone it etc and just kind of drag this. now, this is the easiest drag-and-drop a jeweler to learn. so I have a full tutorial on this and people love it.  Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world and I find that it is the easiest one to learn on this entire list but let's not neglect. the other ones because all these other themes are great as well.

3. Real homes Theme


Real homes, now this theme is perfect for real estate really. I got a brain fart there real estate now this theme actually has tons of gadgets and widgets, especially for real estate. agents now if you are in real estate right. now I bet you're wondering is this compatible with IDX. yes, let me say that again this theme is fully compatible with EDX and MLS integration. if you have no idea what I'm talking about don't worry but for real estate agents. this is fully compatible with IDX and MLS and it comes with some really nice templates, unfortunately. only comes with two but these are really nicely designed templates. so this one is one right here and this is the other one. so we have modern and classic I kinda like the classic better. I feel like modern real estate themes. I don't know you can be the judge there. but I do have a full tutorial on this one as well and real estate agents. love it if you're building a real estate website for someone use. this theme doesn't use Elementor don't use Divi. use this one because this has a super-easy advanced search form and I've actually built it from scratch and it's so simple to use they have tons of header layouts. just tons of different ways on how you can customize your website. now this theme isn't a hundred percent customizable. but if you are doing real estates you must use this theme. because it's very simple to use has tons of features and it also uses the elements or page builder. which is an easy simple drag-and-drop builder for WordPress. 

4. Gecko Theme 


 It's created by peeps,  now if you're looking to create like a social networking website or community website or something. where people can come and engage and talk about I don't know what is fantasy football or something like that. this is the best theme for it. because it is beautiful I mean just take a look at this demo right here. so this is an example of how it will look on your website and for the love of God do not use BuddyPress. do not use BB press that is old outdated crap. you want the best of the best now. I don't mean to say crap no offense to the developer.  this is actually just really really nice I mean look how clean this demo is right here. so right here someone can post something. it'll show up in their feed people can have groups. you can have classified ads blog etc and it has tons of different layouts. it looks really really incredible. 

5. Oshine  theme

 The Oshine theme and I've actually always called this the on shine theme. so to the developer, I'm very sorry now this is another drag-and-drop builder and it comes with just a lot of just like I guess. you want to say they have this elegant look. so let's say for existence you're building a fashion website for some. some girl who thinks she's like a celebrity on Instagram or one of those chicks. this is great no this is great for them. because it has a lot of these high end looks right here. so right here you can just take a look at the designs and kind of get a feel of their templates. now this page builder is very easy to learn as well. so let me go ahead and scroll down past these demos where everyone thinks. they're high class and this is an example of the page builder. so it's a drag-and-drop page builder and if you want to know does this support header and footer or custom header and footers. the answer is yes now this is called the I think it's the I want to say the Tatsu builder. the Tatsu is that right the Tatsu bill oh yeah tattoo builder. I've used this on maybe two websites and I just found. that it was really clean and easy I mean you can just take a look for yourself right here everything's visual. you can see what you're doing and this does have a header and footer builder.

6. Listing PRO

If you want to create a directory website where people can actually submit products or so something, like you know, has like yellow pages or some like that. this theme is the way to go in fact yellow pages itself uses. this theme is pretty crazy. so I know yellow pages aren't as popular as it used to be I mean back in the day. it was like you know you have to you have yellow pages but today. it's like you know yellow pages are a little old and outdated but they still make Bank. so don't think that they're broke no they are not so if you want to create like a directory website. where people can submit stuff or they want to go ahead and talk about hey you know we got this gig going etc. listing Pro is another great one again it's used by Yellow Pages in Serbia and it just has tons of amazing features. it has a lot of demos as well, unfortunately. this uses visual composure which I'm not a big fan of but the theme offers just tons of features for directory websites.

7. My listing

my listing now is another directory website and listing website. but this one I feel is just a little bit more modern. now this one actually uses the elementary page builder. so to me it kind of stands out a little bit more than listing Pro. now that's my personal preference. but if you're using a page builder. I think most people prefer this builder over visual composers. Now again this is just a super easy drag-and-drop builder. It comes with tons of demos. so you want to create a directory website or even I think they have like a real estate one and like an Airbnb. one yeah here we go look at this they got like an Airbnb one and I mean just take a look at this design. right here so if you want to create like grow a little personal Airbnb website or you have lists of properties. it's just a super clean interface I mean this right here is great really easy to use. right here you can see that they have the properties for rent. so this looks like an Airbnb website I mean this is actually a really clean beautiful interface. I do prefer this one more than listing pro but that's my personal opinion. so if you want to build a directory website make sure to check out my listing. because this theme has just one of the best builders. I have ever come across and sadly it's just poorly marketed and I mean just take a look at this demo. right here this is exactly how Davy looks. so you can control the padding you just add in blocks and sections just. it's a super easy interface and it comes with just really amazingly designed templates. I mean just take a look at this. so let's say for instance you want to have a client and they want or you have a client and they want a business website. just going to upload one of these templates. you know and then once you actually upload them. you make some changes to it. you charge them five grand you scam them you send me five hundred bucks and we're all good you know. I'm just joking again no but that the themes are the templates are actually really really good and I find that. this builder is just super. it's super easy to use and it comes with blocks. so if you're looking for a drag-and-drop page builder this one right here. is definitely worth checking out it is very underrated it doesn't have a lot of purchases. 

8. SoleDad Theme

 where I live and it's called Soledad. but I might think you pronounce. it Soledad I don't know but I'm just going to say solid ad. I don't know if you pronounce them. but I don't know whatever now. if you're trying to build Abel hogging website or magazine websites. this is the theme for you. now the reason again why I like this theme is. because it has tons of demos and it uses the elements or page builder. that is a big plus whenever you're looking for themes. because you want to make sure that the builder is very easy to understand. because you can't rely on the demos you might want to change stuff and stuff like that. so this is a WordPress theme .that uses the elementary page of all or tons of demos very easy to use very highly rated. so if you want to build a blogging website be sure to check out this theme. it also uses visual composer as well. so if you are a visual composer fan. if you're a visual composer fan then yes you're in luck. this uses visual composer but personally you know just use Elementor. you know it's easier right it's just easier to use but be sure to check out the solid add.

9. Newspaper 

 so if you are blogging or if you are creating a magazine website. this theme is perfect for you. now I want to give this theme big props. because this theme actually has its own builder. which to me is pretty impressive. so they're not using another builder. this theme designed their own builder from the ground up and it's very intuitive. the very simple builder I've used it before and I think that most beginners find that. it's very easy to learn now just take a look at these demos. I mean again these demos are just amazing now some of these demos. when you look at them and try to use your own images. it's hard to resize the images onto these demos and that's. that's just my personal opinion especially like. this right here that looks like an image nightmare. but it's a great theme I've used it tons of features even have a widget forum for Adsense as well. so if you want to go ahead and add in the AdSense and make money off Adsense. there's a widget for that and there's also one for us all that as well. so just want to make sure that's a fair comparison. but so if you want to create a newspaper website or even a blogging website. this theme is perfect it's blazing fast. it does have a better page speed score than a solid ad so keep that in mind. 

10. Avada theme

The Avada theme to me is not the best one. I don't think this is the best WordPress team, however. we have to acknowledge this team. because this theme has these second most active installs out of any theme on the entire list. so this is number two in the world the first one is Divi. now personally I've used the vada I'm not a big fan of it. I'm truly not but they have a massive user base and people really do love this theme. so for example, if you want to see how it looks right here. this is an example of how it would look. so it is a front-end builder and you can you know design it from scratch. you can just go ahead and drag and drop elements and etc. so it is somewhat of it is somewhat intuitive. so it's not the easiest to learn. but in the future, I will be having a full tutorial on this page boiler. because now that they have the front and editor. that's actually kind of worth talking about. because before they didn't have a friend and editor. who was only uh it was only a back-end builder and it was just it. was it was bad it was I tried it I really tried it and I was like guys like this. the team's not that good I'm sorry but then they introduced the front-end editor and then. that got you to know some attention. so I thought you know what these guys I've been around in business for a very long time they have a lot of reviews a. lot of customers so even though personally am NOT a fan of its. I will acknowledge it as one of the best WordPress themes of all time. because they do have a massive user base and their live builder is not that hard to learn. so be sure to check out Avada.

Free Themes

  1. Customify Theme.

  2. Astra Theme.

  3. OceanWP Theme.

  4. Neve Theme.